Camping Windbreak Buying Guide

Camping Windbreak Buying Guide

Shelter from the breeze, add to your pitch and increase your privacy. Read more in our camping windbreak buying guide as we explain why this is a great accessory for your campervan.

Campers and picnickers across the UK are probably familiar with picking up scattered items from a sharp gust of wind. Or perhaps of enjoying the sun on the beach, until the breeze has you shading your eyes from the sand.

Well, we have the answer! Camping windbreaks.

By offering you the protection from the breeze these common little annoyances are no more. More than that, wind breakers help fortify your pitch and increase your privacy on your holiday.

Camping Windbreak Buying Guide

What are the different types of camping windbreaks?

When imagining windbreaks, it’s hard not to nostaligically think of the multicoloured rainbow tarp that was a fixture on most British beaches throughout 80s & 90s.

These days, you’ll find a range of different sizes, colours, fabrics & more but the main difference in choice lies in if it is poled or air beam.

  • Poled- Uses strut poles & guy lines to be pitched into the ground.
  • Air Beam- Similar to awnings, these use pre-angled beams to allow additional stability on the pitch for any windbreak needs.

Camperco Top Tips

  1. Consider using a few shorter windbreaks if you want to create a large encampment.
  2. Don’t plan for more space than you have. Make sure to pick a windbreak in the parameters you need it.
  3. The larger the windbreak the more guylines, make sure to that factor in.
  4. Choose easy to transport windbreaks if you are bringing this to the beach or carrying this long distances. The air beam versions are lightweight and simple to pitch, so will save you time and energy if you want to take this with you to picnic.
  5. Make sure to get a strong fabric that won’t rustle in the wind and will protect from the elements. Vango windbreaks have a patented sentinel fabric designed for longevity and strength.

Our Range

Vango Sentinel AirBeam Windbreak

Vango Windbreak

Suitable for use with all our Vango drive away awnings, the AirBeam structure takes minutes to inflate. Plus, the pre-angled beams allow additional stability on the pitch.


Vango Sentinel Windbreak

Poled Sentinel Windbreak

The poled version of this, it includes a steel frame to ensure durability & reliability for your pitch.


Reimo Hegoland 400 Air Inflatable Windbreak

Reimo Windbreak

New for 2021, The windbreak does not need any poles. By simply pumping up the air tubes, the windbreak sets itself up almost by itself within a matter of minutes. Each segment can be inflated and used separately and can be connected as desired with zippers.


Reimo Hegoland 400 Air Inflatable Extension Segment

Reimo Extention

This optional extension segment for the Reimo Hegoland 400 Air Windbreak is easy to set up and extend your pitch.