Converter's Corner- Campervan Conversion Accessories

Converter's Corner- Campervan Conversion Accessories

Calling all campervan converters, beginners to professional! If you are thinking of fixing up your camper or starting your conversion from scratch, we have great news for you...we are launching an online shop for your campervan conversion accessories - Converter's Corner. Our converter's corner brings to you the tools & accessories you need for your camper conversion, and all in one place!

Converter’s Corner - Campervan Conversion Accessories

We convert all our own VW vehicles for our sister company Bunk Campers. Our experience in campervan conversions means we know a thing or three about campervan conversions. We know it can be difficult to find the right accessories for your camper. To help, we have listed our campervan conversion accessories range to make your conversion experience just as simple as click & buy.

Sikaflex- Sealant & Adhesive

Sika in use
Sikaflex is an absolute essential for converting and repairing your camper. Uses include

  • Window fitting or direct glazing
  • Body assembly
  • Solar panel or multirail installation
  • Exterior sealing
  • General bonding or sealing in interior.

Each Sika has a unique number for different uses, so be sure to double check the tube is the right choice.

Wonder Wipes

Acktivator Primer

Sika Remover



Not sure what to choose? Drop us an email and we can let you know!


The multirail is one of the most popular VW accessories. With the multirail, you can add drive away awnings, sun canopies, air awnings and more to increase your living space. Make sure to look out for passenger side or driver side and if it’s SWB or LWB!

Multirail SWB Passenger Side

Multi Rail LWB passenger
Multirail LWB Driver

Motorhome spares

spare parts

Whether you are looking to replace an item or find the right part for your camper, there are a number of motorhome spare parts and accessories you’ll need for your conversion.

table fixings and fittings

Interior and Exterior Lights

Water Pumps Caps & Hoses

Struts windows & Roof lights




Power management systems and control panels are the brains of your camper and these are what we use on our own conversions.

Extension Cable

Control Panel

Power Management System

Electro Block Charger

Missing something?

If you think we are missing something important or if you have any follow up questions please let us know by email and we’ll be happy to assist.