Covid Camping Guide- Advice & Tips

Covid Camping Guide- Advice & Tips

Staycations look likely to remain the nation's easiest route to holidaying in 2021 and campervanning lends itself to socially distanced & great holidays. While it’s hard to know the exact rules that might be in place, we’ve created a Covid Camping Guide to offer some tips and advice to get you ready for the road as soon as we’re allowed.

The Rules

Restrictions in place mean that campsites may be closed and travel not permitted during the dates you hope to travel. Keep up to date with the latest government travel advice across the UK at .

Rules will differ depending on where you are travelling. So, brush up on the restrictions in place in the country you are camping:



Northern Ireland-

Our Covid Camping Guide

Camping Guide

Once you know the rules, it doesn’t hurt to plan ahead.

Campervan and motorhoming is an ideal way to get away from it all. It provides a self-contained, open aired holiday and allows you to keep your distance from other travellers. Here’s our advice to help you make the most of your trip while keeping safe and distanced.

Before you go

What to pack? Am I forgetting anything?... It helps to be prepared and to make sure you don’t forget anything. Here is our "before you go" checklist:

  1. Book any campsites in advance- Some smaller campsites have sadly been unable to open due to distancing rules and most others will have limited capacity. Check with the campsite before you go and book anything in advance of arriving.
  2. Pack Smart- A camping table & chair for picnics and relaxing by your camper is the bedrock of our campervan holidays. Necessities include bedding, spare batteries & chargers, plus books and games for the kids.
  3. Bring the kitchen essentials- Food, basic provisions, cooking equipment, plates, bowls, chopping board, bin bags, dish cloth, camping gas, washing up liquid are all important.
  4. Stay clean & healthy- Bring your own hand sanitiser, face masks, toothbrush & paste, first aid kit and towels.
  5. Book travel insurance- Make sure you are protected for your trip.
  6. Check breakdown cover is up to date- Don’t get stranded with no backup.

Camperco Top Tip- If you are spending plenty of time on your pitch, make the most of your space. Sun canopies & drive away awnings are a great way to provide some shade from the sun & shelter from the rain while staying in the open air.



As with the rest of the world, we expect campsites will follow socially distanced rules. Make sure to check with the campsite they are open, as distancing will not always be possible, especially at smaller sites.

Some of the changes may include:

  • Shared facilities like restaurants, swimming pools and communal kitchens might not be open.
  • There may be fewer pitches to keep a distance between families.
  • Minimum stays might increase.
  • Masks will probably be compulsory.
  • Showering facilities might need booked in advance.

Camperco Top Tip- Many people aren’t comfortable sharing the toilet & shower facilities with others on the campsite. If you are travelling in a camper without a shower or toilet, you can check out our portable toilet options. Tailgate tents are the perfect way to add a privacy room to your camper too.

Motorhome Covid Camping Guide Advice

Measures that are introduced by the campsite owners are there to keep you safe. However, there are a few additional things you can do to stay safe. Here’s our tips:

  • Cook a home cooked meal from your camper- Experiment with some new dishes or bring some home delicacies with you on your trip.
  • Bring a gas kettle- you don’t need to go to a cafe for a good brew.
  • Give everyone their space- 2m is a safe distance to keep from other campers.
  • Wear a mask.
  • Think about what you touch- bin lids and hook up points are used multiple times. Make sure to wash your hands after you use these.
  • Wear gloves when using shared facilities.
  • Use your own equipment- Portable toilets, tailgate tents and a range of campervan accessories online mean you can limit your use of communal facilities.

Social distancing activities!


What should I do on my socially distanced campervan holiday?

Why not get inventive? There are tonnes of things to do on a socially distanced holiday. Here is some inspiration from our top distanced activities:

  1. Watch the sunset or sunrise- It's worth staying up late, or getting up early to see the stunning contrast as the sky fades between orange, red and pink.
  2. Stargazing - Take your camper out of the city and spot the milky way, make a wish upon a star or imagine yourself in one of the distant galaxies.
  3. Barbecue- Is there any food like BBQ? Get the flames going and enjoy!
  4. Walks, cycles, runs- Keeping fit is a great way to stay healthy. Why not add in some stunning landscape, majestic mountains or rugged coastlines to your journey?

Socially distanced kid’s activities

  1. Scavenger hunt- Scavenger hunts for kids don’t require much. For example, start with a notepad, and find all the circles, squares & triangles in nature.
  2. Go fishing- The ocean or lakes are never too far away with your trusty campervan. Why not try your hand at fishing the catch of the day?
  3. Arts & crafts- Beaches, woods and parks provide natures workshop tools. Go out, get collecting, then start creating.

Wild Camping

There are many rules around Wild Camping across the UK which differ from area to area and country to country. If you want to try your hand without a campsite, check out the rules of each country and area beforehand!

Accessorize while you plan!

While you dream about your next camping holiday, why not browse some of the popular ways to enhance your pitch and make campervan life easier.

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