Sikaflex Multipurpose Sealants - For Those Who'd Like To Have A Go!

Sikaflex Multipurpose Sealants - For Those Who'd Like To Have A Go!

Damages and repairs from camping are unavoidable, but at Camperco we have the solution, Sikaflex. One of the best sealants on the market, the Sika multipurpose adhesive, offers a unique and flexible way to assist the build and repair of anything from campervans and motorhomes to boats! In our Camperco Sikaflex Superstore, we have a large range of different products in our Sikaflex Superstore where you can pick your own DIY sealant and adhesive in packs of 1 up to 12 to suit your requirements. To assist you, we have added all you need to know about Sikaflex to help you make your choice.

What is Sikaflex?

Sikaflex adhesives are a high performance polyurethane sealant and is suitable for making permanent elastic seals of high adhesive strength on a wide variety of materials including timber, metals – steel and aluminium, plastics and ceramics. The fast curing time, variety of colours and resistance to ageing make it ideal for fitting solar panels, windows, air vents, channel rails or multirails to your campervan, motorhome or caravan.

Where Can I Use It?

Sika can be used for a number of different things. Sika is one of the best products for DIY in your campervan and motorhome. Some issues that are common to campervans and motorhomes that can happen due to wear and tear issues can also easily be solved by the versatile adhesive. Common areas to use include:
  • Windows and doors - helps prevent draughts and keeps dust out
  • Campervans, motorhomes and boats - for loose decking, sound proofing or reattaching anything
  • Cars - vibration deadening or to cushion glass or impact shock

Which Sika Will Work For Me?

There are a number of different Sikaflex applications. Our guide below will assist you with the application instructions;

Sikaflex 221

Suitable for making permanent elastic seals of high adhesive strength and used best on metal primers and paint coatings, ceramic materials and plastics.

Sikaflex 522

This is a unique all-purpose adhesive and sealant designed especially for the repair & construction of caravan, motorhomes & trailers. Along with being UV resistant it also bonds and seals in one operation. Sikaflex 522 is also suitable for the replacement of joints on both caravan and marine projects.

Sikaflex 521UV

This is a multi-purpose “weather resistant” adhesive formulated for use in caravans, motorhomes, boat and solar panels, mounting wood and metal fixing.

Sikaflex 252

Sikaflex 252 bonds and seals at the same time in a one part formulation. Common uses includes gap filling properties and a short curing time. As well as being shock and impact resistant it also has excellent weather and water resistance.

Why Us?

At The Camperco Shop and as campervan experts we have brands in Campervan Hire - Bunk Campers, Camper Conversions - Nomad Campervans ( who use Sika products daily. Our staff have used Sika in our workshops for many years to fit Reimo MultiRails, Solar Panels, etc, so when we say Sika will get the job done for you, we know what we are talking about) and Motorhome Sales - Camperco Showroom so we are happy to assist with any queries you may have at