Winter Campervan Acccessory Buying Guide

Campervan & Motorhome Winter Buying Guide

With winter just around the corner, campervan and motorhome owners need to start thinking about winter care. The off season brings enthusiasts who brave the elements, some who lay up their camper for winter and some who will use the time to repair damages for the upcoming season. Either way you'll need some things to protect your camper. Watch the video highlighting our top winter items and read the winter buying guide for more information.

Winter Campervan Accessory Buying Guide

Internal & External Silver Screens

WINTER PRODUCT! Thermal screens are an ideal way to keep your camper well insulated in the winter. You can retain heat in your camper by up to 40% this way!

Camperco tip: Use external mats if you want to decrease condensation build up. Use internal mats if you want something quick & easy to take down without going outside.  


12v Accessories

12V Accessories

You won’t always be able to find a place to hook up. But you shouldn’t let that affect your ability to make a decent cup of coffee or dry your hair! 12V Accessories are a super handy way to avoid this as they should work straight off your vehicle battery.

Camperco tip: 12V accessories are a great way to bring home comforts with you when travelling. Shop our 12V accessory range and bring the convenience of home to the great outdoors.




WINTER REPAIR! We all know campervans can experience damage throughout periods of high use and winter is a good time to fix those issues. Sika sealants and adhesive can be used for a lot of those issues.

Camperco tip: It is important to get the right type of Sikaflex for how you plan to use it. If you aren’t sure, visit our online Sika Superstore or ask us for assistance.



Solar Accessories


These accessories work all year long. So if you’re travelling without visiting campsites, you'll be glad of these power saving devices.

Camperco tip: The HUBi kits are the perfect way to keep your campsite lit up or to charge your phones or Ipads. If you are doing any hiking the Freeloader is an easy way to keep your phone charged and keep you out of trouble.




TOP WINTER PRODUCT! Dehumidifiers are an essential way to keep your camper from any damp issues in the winter- (Hint: we use these on our sister company's entire rental fleet during winter!). Damp can cause serious problems in your camper including mould and rot.

Camperco tip: Our most popular Dehumidifier is the Wenko Auto Moisture Dehumidifier but it’s worth having a look at each one to make sure you use the right one.


Water Purifiers

Clean Tabs

To avoid frozen pipes it’s always good to travel with as little water as possible in your camper. That means you don’t know where your supply will come from, so it is important to pack water purifiers to ensure the water you drink is uncontaminated.

Camperco tip: When buying clean tabs or water treatments, consider how long you will be travelling so you can plan for how many you need.


Why Us?

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