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  • Reimo Camp4 Caravan / Trailer Hitch Tow / DrawBar Durable Cover
    Reimo Camp4 Caravan / Trailer Hitch Tow / DrawBar Durable Cover
    Vendor: Reimo
    Reimo Camp4 Caravan / Trailer Hitch Tow / DrawBar Durable Cover

    RRP: £14.99

    £8.29 inc. VAT

    Save £6.70


Safety & Protection

Stay safe and legal on the road with our campervan safety equipment and accessories from added security measures to hazard signs and mirror protectors. 

Security might not be the number one thing on your mind when your are taking out your motorhome, but it's important to keep right and it saves to protect yourself. 

While following the rules of the road is one thing, large motorhomes can always do with a little added protection. So, consider adding a window protector or make sure to add the rear warning sign to your motorhome. 

What motorhome safety equipment do i need?

There are lots of things you can add to your camper to protect it. Additional smart locks for your bike rack and doors are useful for keeping out intruders. Mirror portectors help add some protection from knocks, and an emergency kit will keep you prepared if you ever break down on the road. 

Browse our safety accessories for your campervan or motorhome and increase your safety and privacy while travelling.

Campervan accessory solutions!

Browse our range of campervan accessories online including storage solutions, dehumidifiers, 12v electricals and more.  

Need some help? Message our customer service team with any questions and we will be happy to assist. 

Motorhome spares

We have all the essential spare items you need for your motorhome, from fridges, heaters & waters pumps all the way through to all the smaller items you can't find elsewhere. We have you covered.

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Toilets & Chemicals

Nearly all Motorhomes and Campervans have limited space, it is important to have all the cleaning products you need that are odourless and can help mitigate bacteria.

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