Camperco’s Top 15 Campervan Winterisation Tips

Camperco’s Top 15 Campervan Winterisation Tips

At Camperco, we recommend that you try and keep using your campervan or motorhome over the winter months, however we know that this isn’t always possible. To help you, we have drawn up our Top 15 Campervan Winterisation Tips so that if you are parking your vehicle up, you won’t be facing big bills when Spring arrives!

1. Wash & Wax

This will help protect the paint work from fading or chipping.

2. Clean Inside your Vehicle Thoroughly

Remove all food produce and clean fridge/cupboards thoroughly to keep mice away, also keep fridge door open slightly to stop a build up of nasty odours!

3. Drain the Water System

This will stop water pipes from bursting due to frozen water; also set water taps to on, to stop pressure building up.

4. Park On a Slight Slope

This will stop water from lying in any pipes. Also, park your vehicle in gear with the handbrake off to ensure it doesn’t stick.

5. Drain Water Heater

It is extremely important that all water is removed from heating systems as these can be very expensive to repair if they are damaged.

6. Cover Electric Hook-Up Socket

Covering your electric hook-up socket over the winter will keep moisture out and prevent any rust forming that might then give you problems in the Spring.

7. Remove Water Filters

Water in these filters can freeze and cause damage to the system if not removed. To keep your water nice and fresh, we also recommend you start the new season with a new water filter.

8. Clean Toilet

It may sound obvious, but empty your toilet cassette and clean thoroughly to ensure you don’t encounter any nasty smells come Spring!

9. Remove Car Battery

Cold weather can cause your vehicle battery to die. To help maintain the battery life, take it out and store it in a warm, dry location.

10. Remove Cell Batteries

Remove batteries from any wall clocks, carbon monoxide alarms, smoke alarms etc as acid could leak from them and damage your device.

11. Turn Off Gas

Remove the gas cylinder from your vehicle and store it in a safe place. Make sure you also turn of the value to stop any gas leakage.

12. Check Your Awning

If your vehicle has an awning attached, ensure it is fully dry before packing it away.

13. Check Tyre Pressure

Pump tyres to the maximum recommended pressure to ensure that they don’t fully deflate over the Winter.

14. Cover Outside Vents

This will stop them being clogged up with leaves or insects.

15. Check Your Camper Throughout the Winter

We recommend that at least once a month you take the vehicle for a half hour drive to keep the engine working and to ensure that the vehicle pressure isn’t focused on the same part of the tyre all Winter. So, that’s our top tips if you’re planning on parking your campervan or motorhome up for the Winter. If you have any others, be sure to let us know at .