Portable Toilet Buying Guide

Portable Toilet Buying Guide

Perhaps not the most romantic notion when camping, but toilet needs are unavoidable on your trip. Which is why we have outlined some practical solutions in our portable toilet buying guide below.

Portable Toilet Buying Guide

As campsites begin to open again, and restrictions start to ease, portable toilets have moved from a luxury to an essential on camping trips.

This year, we expect toilet & shower facilities may remain closed at some campsites. That’s why the demand for portable toilets has never been higher.

Read more as we discuss various reasons to get a portable toilet, best options and what not to forget for your next camping trip.

Should I get a portable toilet?

Portable toilets are there to make life easier when camping. If you are likely to get up at night for the loo or can’t make it to the next toilet for any reason, a portable toilet can be a life saver. Here are some reasons you might consider purchasing one:

  • Wild camping- Both a handy and responsible waste disposal solution.
  • Campsite without facilities- If your campsite has no facilities, if they close for any reason, or you just don’t fancy sharing facilities.
  • Busy loos in peak season- We expect things to be busy this season, the peak crowds draw lines, and that includes the bathroom.
  • Waking up in the middle of the night- Save yourself the drama of rushing to find the toilet in the dark.

Key Considerations

Thetford Toilet & Privacy Room

Portable toilet & privacy room

Before you purchase the toilet, it helps to think how you will be using it. Here are some key considerations when purchasing your portable toilet:

  • Size- Where are you going to store this?
  • Tank Capacity- Where are you travelling? If you are away from toilets for a large period consider tank capacity.
  • When will you empty this? - These need to be emptied in allocated waste disposal loactions available at most campsites. Make sure you aren’t going long journeys with bucket style portable toilets as they will emit smells. Flushing portable toilets are built to avoid this and can be used with toilet chemicals that deoderize the cassette.
  • Where will I use this? – Have you got a tailgate tent or a privacy shelter to use this with? We have a few bundle deals so you have everything you need.

Types of Portable Toilets

Although you might find a few makeshift options at campsites, there are really only 2 options in our book. These are:

  • Bucket Style Portable Toilet
  • Flushing Portable Toilet

Camperco Tip- We recommend using a flushing camping toilet. Bucket style toilets aren’t sealed which doesn’t make them ideal for travel or moving. Flushing portable toilets are built to have a removable cassette for ease of disposal and are generally more stable and transportable. Plus, you can add toilet tabs or chemicals to this to deodorize and keep the toilet fresh.

A note- going to the toilet the “natural” way requires work. You need to be 50m away from water, away from tourist areas, you must dig a hole and cover it.

Our range

Thetford 145

Thetford Porta Potti Qube 145 Portable Toilet

A comfortable, practical and durable portable toilet with an integrated lid lock, a recess for opening the lid and an improved push handle.

Thetford 330

For Long Journeys! Thetford Porta Potti Qube 335 HDK Portable Toilet & Hold Down Kit

Similar to the 145, but holding an additional volume with Fresh Water: 15 Litres & Waste Water: 12 Litres.

972 dometic toilet

Best Seller! Dometic 972G Portable Toilet

A portable and convenient lightweight toilet built to ensure a powerful and hygienic flush.

976 Dometic

Dometic 976G Portable Toilet

A larger version of the 972 with 18.9 litres waste tank capacity.

Don’t Forget!

When you are camping, don’t forget a privacy room and toilet tabs. View our bundle deal options to get you started with everything you need.


Check out the options below:

Privacy room/Storage Shelter- Set up a private area for your toilet, shower or dining area allowing for extra room and privacy.

Toilet tabs- Take the hassle out of keeping your toilet clean and hygienic. Just one tab per day keeps your toilet fresh and odour free. No mess, no fuss! Choose green for environmentally friendly chemicals.