Ultimate Campervan Accessories List

Ultimate Campervan Accessories List

If you’re like us, you’re probably counting down the minutes to your next campervan holiday. However, before you get behind the wheel and satisfy the road trip urge, it helps to be prepared. We’ve put our heads together, and come up with a list of the ultimate campervan accessories we’re sure you’ll love once you hit the open road.

Ultimate Campervan Accessories

Campervan Bike Racks

Bike Racks

Maybe you enjoy taking the kids on a nature cycle. Perhaps you’re looking to clear your mind and immerse yourself in a biking experience. Or, maybe you like a mountain challenge… Whatever your reason for cycling, you’ll need a bike rack. Most bike racks are made to fit specific vehicle types. But don't worry, we keep an extensive range of Fiamma & Thule campervan and motorhome bike racks for VW, Ducato, Sprinter & more. Helpful Advice- Bike Rack Buying Guide

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Campervan and motorhome awnings

One of our favourite accessories which also adds some serious style points to your camper. Campervan and motorhome awnings are the perfect way to extend your space, shade from the sun, set up a new bedroom and more. Here’s the difficult part, there’s lots of different types of awnings available. We have a range of wind out awnings, drive away awnings, sun canopies and tailgate tents for all types of camper. What will suit depends on your situation and personal preference. Helpful Advice- Awning Buying Guide

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Thermal Screens

Thermal Mats

Keep the heat in during winter months and stay chilled in the summer. Our motorhome thermal mats are our no.1 campervan life hack. You can use external thermal covers as an excellent way to stop condensation build up. Alternatively, choose from our range of internal thermal mats which are easier to pack away and don’t get wet or damp.

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Motorhome Solar

Picking up your campervan, driving into the unknown, getting away from it all and discovering undiscovered lands. That's what campervan living is all about. However, it presents one problem, keeping your vehicle powered up. Our range of campervan and motorhome solar panels are a one stop & eco-friendly solution to keeping you untethered from the world and free to explore at your own pace- without needing to charge up. Helpful Advice: Solar Panel Guide

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Storage Organisers

Storage organiser

Clutter is a source of constant disagreement on campervan trips. We get it, space can be a luxury on your trip. That’s why you need some smart storage options. The good news is, there is a tonne of storage organisers available.

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Need some help?

At Camperco we work in rental, sales and accessories. As a result, we have learned a lot about campers which we are very happy to share. If you have a questions on any accessories or if you want to ask anything at all, email us and we’ll be happy to assist. Shop the full range of campervan and motorhome accessories online at Camperco.