Winter Repair- 5 Common Camper Issues & Fixes

Winter Repair- 5 Common Camper Issues & Fixes

For most campervanners, winter can bring a time of inactivity, usually leaving the camper to one side to wait for the next camping season. But why not put the time to good use? There are a few winter repair jobs that will protect your camper from the colds and hazards of winter. On top of that, you’ll be ready to go as soon as the sun shines again. Doing camper repairs and improvements yourself is a great way to avoid pricey labor costs and inconvenient detours to mechanics. Our range of spare parts & accessories mean most issues are DIY. To give you some ideas, here are our 6 most common campervan issues and how to fix them:

Winter Repair

1 Leaks or Cracks

Leaks or cracks

Unsealed spots or broken windows and sky lights can cause damp & insulation issues in motorhomes and campervans. For that reason, it is important to keep on top of this by ensuring the windows, leaks & cracks are fully sealed. Fix- You can use a Sikaflex sealant adhesive to reseal this. Sika 512 or Sika 221 are the best option when replacing roof lights or windows. If you remove the window or frame, you should be able to see why air is escaping (rubber seal breaks are a common reason). For this you can replace the rubber seal and reseal it with your adhesive.

2 Table Fixings or Window Struts

Table legs or struts

It’s no surprise that the most used items in your camper are the most likely to break. Tables being lifted, windows being opened & closed and drawers been slammed mean you’re sure to get a few damages here and there. Fix- We offer a range of table fittings & fixings as well as locks catches & handles for this very eventuality. It’s often handy to keep a few spares around for breaks during times of high use.

3 Locks, catches, handle

Locks Catches & Handles

Other commonly used and commonly damaged parts include, fly screens, blinds, door hinges and locks. Fix- You can check out our range of spare parts for these available online and for replacement.

4 Wing Mirrors

Wing mirrors

Motorhomes & campervans are often wide vehicles meaning they are not perfectly suited to narrow roads. As a result, it is easy to clip a mirror whether by a stray branch or an oncoming car. Fix: You can purchase Fiat Ducato or VW wing mirrors & covers in our spare parts to easily replace these. It may be also worth considering investing in some Milenco mirror protectors, which are a great way of protecting your camper from some of those unavoidable mishaps.

5 Lights

Interior & Exterior Lights

Campervans and motorhomes will use lights both internally and externally. LED & florescent lights are common indoors and will need replaced occasionally. Keep an eye also on your side markers on the outside of your vehicle. These act as an illumination device to other vehicles but can also be damaged easily. Fix: Fortunately you can pick up both LED & Fluorescent lights as well as side markers online which are easy to buy and replace.

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