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The Kontrol Moisture Absorber Drip Strip collects and holds condensation and moisture that has run down the window, preventing it from running off the window sill and staining walls and floors, while stopping puddles and stains.

Made of 100% natural highly absorbent fibres.

Ideal for condensation on windows and glass door panels all around the house or in your motorhome, protecting your walls and floors.

The Kontrol Moisture and Condensation Drip Strip Absorber stops condensation puddles and stains forming on your window sills.

Product Features

  • Prevents condensation puddles and stains forming on your window sills
  • Protects walls and floors
  • Made of super absorbent natural cellulose fibres
  • Collects and holds condensation and moisture which has run down the window

  • Product Details

  • Simple to use
  • Clean and effective
  • Re-useable, simply wring out and replace
  • Length: 3 metres
  • Width: 2.5cm
  • Damp Kontrol Product Numbers: KDR0107/MGN00021
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