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Sika PowerClean Aid & Tack Adhesive Sponges For Glass Surfaces and Removal of Contamination. Clean the heavily soiled surfaces of glass, ceramics and to remove residual adhesives/silicone's. Can also be used as a simple applicator for Sika Primer.

Sika® PowerClean Aid has been specifically developed to remove contamination that cannot be sufficiently removed using standard glass cleaners only. When used in combination with foaming or liquid glass cleaner, Sika® PowerClean Aid removes contamination on a microscopic level without visibly scratching or otherwise damaging the glass surface.

Sika® PowerClean Aid is designed for the removal of contamination encountered on AGR ceramic frits and glass. The PCA (Power Clean Aid) sponge is based on melamine foam, which is used for cleaning in conjunction with Sika CleanGlass and Sika Primer.


  • Application: It also serves as a very fast Sika Primer Applicator for surfaces and minimizes consumption
  • Removes contamination that cannot be removed with standard cleaners
  • Removes contamination without scratching surface
  • Aids in removing label residue on glass parts
  • Can be used with liquid or foaming glass cleaners

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