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Thule Rain Blocker G2 Side Smart Panel for Thule awnings to protect against wind and rain.

The Thule Rain Blocker G2 Side is a side panel that fits almost every Thule Omnistor awning. With a large clear window, the Thule Rain Blocker G2 Side can can be used on either the left and right side of the awning.


  • Available for different awnings, depending on projection and mounting height.
  • Side panel slides into the easy to install aluminium rafter between awning box and lead rail.
  • Smart connections ensure an easy attachment of the side panel with the awning support leg.
  • Side panel can be installed on both sides of the awning.
  • The Thule Rain Blocker G2 panels can be combined with smart connections.

  • Product Details

  • Materials: Transparent PVC-Fabric
  • Mounting Height Min: 1.80m
  • Mounting Height Max: 3.04m
  • Projection Min: 2.00m
  • Projection Max: 3.00m

  • Size Guide

    Thule Product Number Projection Mounting Height
    (Ground to Fixing Point)
    Thule Awning Fit
    306515 2.00m 1.80m-1.99m | X-Small 4900/5102/5200
    307400 2.00m 2.05m-2.44m | Small 4900/5002/5003/5200/6200
    307291 2.50m 2.05m-2.24m | Small 4900/5002/5003/5200/6200
    307292 2.50m 2.25m-2.44m | Medium 4900/5002/5003/5200/6200
    307293 2.50m 2.45m-2.64m | Large 4900/5002/5003/5200/6200
    307294 2.50m 2.65m-2.84m | X-Large 4900/5002/5003/5200/6200
    301422 2.50m 2.35m-2.54m | TO 1200 1200
    307302 2.50m 2.30m-2.50m | TO 6200 Ducato 6200
    307295 2.75m 2.25m-2.44m | Medium 6900/8000
    307296 2.75m 2.45m-2.64m | Large 6900/8000
    307297 2.75m 2.65m-2.84m | X-Large 6900/8000
    306516 2.75m 2.85m-3.04m | XX-Large 6900/8000
    307298 3.00m 2.25m-2.44m | Medium 9200
    307299 3.00m 2.45m-2.64m | Large 9200
    307300 3.00m 2.65m-2.84m | X-Large 9200
    306517 3.00m 2.85m-3.04m | XX-Large 9200

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