Motorhome Spare Parts Advice

Motorhome Spare Parts Advice

"Campervan & motorhomes range from big to small, pop top roof to overhead cab, Fiat to Mercedes and so on. All that is great for choice, however it makes finding a spare part more difficult. To assist, we've set up a page with some handy motorhome spare parts advice to make life for campervanners, a little easier...

Where should I source stock?

We have a dedicated section filled with a host of motorhome spares! Our sister company Bunk Campers campervan rental, operates more than 100 vehicles on the road. That means we keep a large range of motorhomes spare parts in stock and for sale. If you're having trouble finding a part, or if you're not sure of the part you need. Send us an email with any questions and we'll assist as best we can.

DIY or Find a Fitter?

A lot here depends on how confident you are you can do the job. Most jobs are relatively simple to do, just make sure you use the following guidelines:
  • Know what you are doing- Try to write or find a list that covers everything you need to do before you begin. Then, read it through. This way, you’ll get a good idea whether you can tackle this job yourself.
  • Have the right and correct equipment- You don’t want to get half way through a job only to find out there is a part missing.
Although some things will be better left to the professionals. Things like; sealing leaks and cracks using Sikaflex or replacing equipment like faucets are relatively simple to do by yourself. Here is a few of our top 6 common campervan problems and DIY repairs jobs.

Can I avoid things breaking?

Short answer is, probably not. Unfortunately, it is hard to avoid general wear and tear completely. However, there are several ways to minimise the risk of needing spare parts. They include:
  • Have a working knowledge of your motorhome facilities i.e. heating & cooling system, shower & toilet etc
  • Daily checks & maintenance i.e. empty the toilet or drain the tanks!
  • Remember to store away & close everything before you move off (Windows, vents, ladders, loose cups, glasses etc). Check out our storage organisers for a good way to store items.
  • Winterisation/Winter Planning- More on that in the next section

Changing of the seasons

The winter months are tougher on your motorhome and you’ll need to prepare yourself for that. So, If you’re planning on camping or staying put this winter, there’s plenty of things you could be doing to protect your campervan or motorhome from the elements. Check out our blogs below for some guidance:

Winter Care- Top 10 Tips for your Campervan

Winter Camping- Tips For On The Road

Why Us?

At Camperco we work in rental, sales and accessories. As a result, we have learned a lot about campers which we are very happy to share. If you have a questions on any repair needs or if you want to ask anything at all email us and we’ll be happy to assist. Visit the full range of campervan and motorhome accessories online at Camperco.