Essential campervan accessories

Camperco Essential Accessory Buying Guide

If you're like us, you'll be counting down the days until your next camping trip.

While you’ve been making the itinerary, we’ve been busy testing the products. And now we’re glad to be able to bring you our essential accessory buying guide. Fasten your seat belt as we bring you some of the latest accessories to our range, best sellers & more. So, you’re ready to hit the road running… or driving.

Essential Accessory Buying Guide

1) Campervan & Motorhome Bike Racks

✅ Simple to use & install ✅ Affordable ✅Hassle free storage solution ✅Carries up to 4 Bikes

Bike Racks


Cycling is one of our favourite past times when taking the campervan out. That’s why the bike rack is an absolute must. Apart from anything else, you won’t take up space in your camper on your journey. In addition, a tailgate bike rack is one of the most affordable and practical methods to bring a bike. For a more in depth run down, read our bike rack buying guide online.

Best Sellers

The Fiamma Ducato bike rack is a hugely popular option for Ducato and is available in both Black & Silver. For VW, the Fiamma Carry-Bike VW T5 Pro Silver Tailgate Bike Rack is available for up to 4 bikes.


2) Wind out Awning or Drive Away Awning or Sun Canopy

✅ Extend your living space ✅ Tonnes of choice ✅ Shade from the sun, shelter from the rain ✅ Enhance your pitch

Awnings & Canopies


Campervan and motorhome awnings are one the best ways to enhance your campervan experience. Whether it’s in a wind out awning shading from the sun or adding an extra room with a drive away awning, there’s a tonne of options available.

Best Sellers

Wind out awning- There is no doubt the Fiamma F45s is one of the most popular campervan awnings on the market. It is adaptable to a range of vehicles with the correct adapter kit. Drive away awning- The Reimo Tour Easy or Vango Hexaway are our favourite picks for a drive away. Adding optimal space and a great modern look. Sun Canopy- Depending on your camper, the Reimo Charlyne is the perfect addition for mini campers, or the Reimo Palm Beach for VWs give you additional options of side walls and at an affordable price.


3) Tailgate Tent

✅ Privacy Room/Shower ✅ Storage Space ✅ Tailgate Awning & Sun Canopy ✅ Pet Sleeping Area

Reimo Fritz Tailgate Tent


Tailgate tents are built to fit specific models of campervans. They offer a practical and affordable solution to add a bit of space to your camper and have the additional benefit of being simple to use. Read our tailgate tent buying guide for some more information.

Best Sellers

The Reimo Upgrade offers weather protection with no frame. So, there's little hassle or packing space required. Alternatively, a popular tent for Mini Campers includes the Reimo Trapez which fits several different models

4) Thermal Mats

✅ Year round temperature control ✅ Saves money ✅ Reduce light ✅ Protects your camper

Thermal Screens
Keep the heat in during winter months and stay chilled in the summer. Our motorhome thermal mats are our no.1 campervan life hack.

Best Sellers

Hindermann Fiat Ducato or Peugeot Boxer Four Seasons External Thermal Screens or VW Four Seasons Thermal screens are among the most popular options. They are easy to use, as the mats are made in one piece, and are just hung on the edges of the door and tensioned.

5) Solar

✅ Low Maintenance ✅ Save Money ✅ Get off the beaten track ✅ Eco Friendly



Our range of campervan and motorhome solar panels are a one stop & eco-friendly solution to keeping you untethered from the world and free to explore at your own pace- without needing to charge up.

Best Sellers

Our Portable solar solutions are easy to connect when you need them but not permanently stuck to your van. Or, for more power, the PV Logic Flexi 80wp Roof/Deck Top Solar Panel Kit will keep you powered up for longer. Give us a shout for more information or read our handy solar guide online.