Campervan awning buying guide

Campervan and Motorhome Awning Buying Guide

There are a wide range of awnings in the market and knowing which is right for you camper can be hard. That's why, we have made it easy! Read below as we highlight the need-to-knows, different types of awning & more important information to consider when you are deciding. From browsing our campervan and motorhome awning range to setting up, we'll get you sorted!

Campervan Awning Buying Guide

What are the different types of motorhome awning?

Types of awning

The 3 main types of campervan & motorhome awnings are drive away awnings, air awnings & wind out awnings. Sun canopies & tailgate tents are awning alternatives as well.

These come in various shapes and sizes, but should work as follows:

  • Drive Away Awnings- These are tent like structures with a small tunnel which fixes onto your vehicle. It attaches to your gutter or awning rail meaning it can easily slip on and off your camper. See our drive away awning guide for more information.
  • Air Awnings One of the latest innovations in outdoor space. These use strong high-pressure air-filled poles for structure which allows you to easily pitch or pack away your tent in minutes. Vango drive away air awnings lead the market with some of the smartest features. Perfect for novice campers or those tired of assembling poled awnings. Read our Vango Buying guide for more information.
  • Wind-Out Awnings/ Roll Out Awning- One of the most popular type of awnings, the wind-out awning is a permanent fixture on your camper, that you can wind out as and when you need it. After installation, it is one of the easiest awnings to use. Thule & Fiamma awnings lead the market in this category offering a great way to add space and shelter to your campervan or motorhome.

Awning Alternatives

Campervan Sun Canopies- A cost effective alternative to an awning, this quick and easy to erect shelter is perfect for adding shade from the sun or protecting from the rain.

Tailgate Tents- An addition to the tailgate of your campervan that can be used as storage, dressing or a discreet washroom.

Storage Shelters- Portable and easy to set up shelters which can be used as private, shower or garage areas as well as a space for clothing, bikes, or anything else you might need for a bit of extra room on your trip.

Privacy Rooms- An added accessory for your wind out awning with front or side walls for more privacy, storage space or an extra room.

How do I choose the right size awning for my motorhome?

To choose the right size awning for your motorhome, you'll need to measure the length of the vehicle and the height of the attachment point. It's also important to consider the type of awning you want, such as a retractable or fixed model.

Most of our listings will highlight which vehicle it works with or specify measurements on the listing which you can compare against your vehicle to check if it fits. There is something for everything from mini campers to large coachbuilt motorhomes.

Here's a look at what to check for each type:

For wind out awnings, you will need to confirm which adapter kit will fit this to your vehicle.

Drive away or air awnings should come with recommended measurements that will fit to your gutter or rail and it will just be a case of comparing this to your camper. Read more in our drive away awning guide

Drive away awnings and air awnings can fit on c-channel rails and multirails. If your vehicle is not fitted with the appropriate rail, you can view our range of rails for motorhomes or campervans available online. For tips on installing, watch our instructional multirail installation video below.

Not sure about measurements? Most listings should state the type of campervan or motorhome this should fit to. If you are unsure let us know by email and we’ll be happy to assist.



There are a several brands to consider when buying an awning. Our ranges include:

Vango Drive Away Air Awnings- Launching the inflatable revolution in 2013, Vango's designs aim to make a campervanner's life as simple and comfortable as possible. Check out the additional features present on all all Vango awnings. Built to enhance experience and protect against the elements.

Thule Omnistor Motorhome Awnings­- Premium awnings with a design quality that make them strong and taut, the robust fabric means awnings are built to be long lasting. Awnings are lightweight but durable and have many innovative properties. These include a built in rain gutter and a fabric tensioned system for wind resistance.

Check out our latest Thule Omnistor Awning in the video below:

Fiamma Campervan Awnings
- Fiamma are known for their elegant designs built from over 60 years experience in the industry. For that reason, they have been able to add their own innovative ideas for ease of use and style. For example the Fiamma F45 awning comes with Fiamma's patented "Presto Fix”- the only awning with a patented adjusting system that enables you to gauge the closing of the front bar.

Reimo- Specialists in designs for tents on campervans, the Reimo brand have some of the top drive away awnings. Reimo are also very popular choice for awning alternatives that include tailgate tents, sun canopies and storage shelters.

Which awning is best for me?

First and foremost, the maximum size of your awning will depend on the size of your campervan. If within the dimensions of your camper, how you plan on using your outside space along with price, will help determine which awning is best for you.

For example, do you want your awning for extra room or storage space? Or to shade from the sun? Drive away and air awnings are a great addition for extra storage space or as a spare room. Wind out awnings keep you shaded from the sun and protected in the rain.

Top Tip- Check the product listing description which will state dimensions & height requirements and measure these against your vehicle. This way, you'll know which suit your camper.

Can I use a motorhome awning in high winds?

Motorhome awnings are designed to be sturdy and withstand moderate winds. However, it's important to take caution and retract the awning if winds become too strong to prevent damage or accidents.

No one wants to spend their time worrying about weather. So, keep an eye out for awnings with intelligent weather technology. For example, Thule will test the Omnistor awning in adverse weather conditions to ensure stability. This has helped them implement features like a built in rain gutter and a fabric tensioned system for wind resistance.

How much time will it take to pitch an awning?

Poled awnings can take 20-30 minutes to pitch, although it will be quicker the more you get used to pitching it. Air awnings can be pitched in a few short minutes and wind out awnings will simply wind out and be ready for use. 

Remember to take into account the type of stay you plan on using your awning for. If you plan on staying places for short periods of time, is 20 minutes deploying an awning more effort than it’s worth?

Top Tip- Vango inflatable awnings have a pitching time of less than 10 minutes or wind out awnings need only be wound out and wound in.

How much should I spend?

If you plan to use it almost every weekend, then it’s worth investing in a top-quality awning. For example, the Vango Galli III Low AirWay Drive Away Awning is made from RipStop material. so, it should last through the ware and tear of camping.

Alternatively, the Reimo Tour Easy 4 Drive Away Awning is a popular and cost effective tent for those trialing drive away awnings. In between those prices is a vast choice; there is an awning to suit every budget.

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